Individual Sessions


Barnyard Behavior offers in home private sessions for you and your animal.  No matter what the issues or concerns may be.


Basic Obedience
We offer private obedience lessons for new puppies and adult dogs.  The lesson will cover the basics: sit, stay, come, no bite, house training, leash manners, etc.  The session will be structured around you and your dog’s needs depending on the situation.

Behavioral Modification
Sometimes, as your dog grows up, issues may arise. Barnyard Behavior offers at home modification sessions that attempt to uncover the root cause of these issues and then construct a positive reinforcement plan to deal with your dog’s behavior in a timely and successful manner.


Barnyard Behavior also works with your feline friend, focusing on issues such as litterbox habits, intra-household aggression, marking, obsessive-compulsive disorders, etc.

Other Stuff:

New Animal Consultation
If you are planning on adopting a cat or dog, or if you have recently adopted a new pet, Barnyard Behavior offers at home consultation covering the ins and outs, both physically and emotionally, of the preparation process.

Barnyard Behavior offers general in-home boarding for current clients only. Please call about rates.


Rates differ slightly in New York and Philadelphia.

All email and brief phone correspondence is incorporated into the fees for these individual sessions for one year after the last session.

Please ask about our sliding scale fees for those experiencing financial hardships and our 15% discount for owners who have adopted from Animal Care Centers of NYC within the last 6 months.